Thursday, June 13, 2019

New Reports on ALL Vance Y-DNA Projects

Are your Vances part of an existing Group in the Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Project?

In my previous post, I said the reports for the first 8 Y-DNA Groups had been updated.  I'm now happy to report that we have published reports, at least in draft, for ALL Y-DNA Groups in our Surname Project. 

There are 16 Groups in the Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Project and a summary of them all can be found on our DNA Project Resources page. 

You can also access all the reports at the Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Project Results website.   Scroll down on that page until you see the table shown in the picture below.  The "2011 Analysis (Adam Bradford) column contains links to the reports written in 2011 by Adam Bradford.  The "Current Analysis" column contains links to the new reports just written in late 2018 and 2019.   Most of the new reports should still be considered DRAFT pending commentary and potential correction by group members. 

In a few cases the "Current Analysis" reports have embedded branching trees showing the Y-DNA connections between group members; those can be hard to read in the reports and so we have also provided a column called "Current Branching Tree" with links to larger versions of those pictures where appropriate. 

As new Groups are added or more information becomes available about these existing Groups (either through new discoveries about their ancestors, deeper Y-DNA testing among their members, or new members joining the Groups) we will keep these "Current Analysis" reports updated!

Table on the Vance/Vans/Wentz Y-DNA Surname Project Results site linking to Analysis Reports on all Groups

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