A World Guide to Vance History

A Community Project

Download Link:  A World Guide to Vance History    (version 0.1, February 2013)

This project, first posted in February 2013, is a community effort to produce a reference guide to all the places around the globe that are associated through fact or legend with the Vance surname and its history.  Just click on the link above to see the Guide in your browser or right-click on the link and save the PDF to your computer or tablet.

What does "a community project" mean?  It means the Guide is not a finished product - it is still very much in draft and we need your help to finish it.  No one person knows everything about Vance history, so we have created this Guide to capture as much as we can with input from all of you.   We will publish updated versions of the Guide here regularly as we collect new entries. 

The first draft has 47 locations across 7 countries, but we've only scratched the surface.  Do you know any buildings, cemeteries, bridges, towns, counties, or anything else man-made that was built by or is associated with a Vance ancestor?  Any Vance mountains, lakes, rivers, creeks, or other natural landmarks tied to Vance history?  Send them to us - you'll find details in the Guide on how to do that, and you'll find at least 47 examples in the Guide already to show you what we mean.  

The "travel guide" format of the World Guide, apart from just a fun way to present the information, is also intended as a reference for anyone learning Vance history who wants to know just where these spots around the world really are.  Where is the oldest ancestor of the Vances buried?  Why is there a town named Vance in Alabama?  And, as it says in the Guide, if you really are planning travel to these countries this may give you some ideas for places to visit that aren't on the regular tour schedules!

Comments, feedback, and especially Vance-related locations are all welcomed!

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  1. Looking for parents of Emery Vance. I think it is David, but this whole link is a road block.