Sunday, March 14, 2021

A new Strategic Plan for the Vance Family Association (and some videos!)

As a genealogical association focused on a surname, the Vance Family Association (VFA)s mission has always been relatively straight-forward: help members with collected research and advice about their Vance ancestry. That mission has been pretty regular through the VFA's 37-year history, although it has over time broadened out to include Vance lines beyond the original Irish origins and DNA research.

Over the past year the VFA has been working on a strategic plan to guide their direction over the next few years. That strategic plan has just been released and you'll find it on the VFA website at this link.

As you can read on the VFA's website, there are many reasons for this strategic plan. One is to let people know what the VFA does and why it might help them. Another is to look forward to the future and decide what changes the VFA will embrace and what the immediate priorities are. The world of genealogy has many forces that are forcing it to change, and the VFA intends to absorb those changes and continue to serve its members in their genealogical pursuits.

The new Strategic Plan is available to all and the VFA would like to encourage you to provide feedback!

One recent change the VFA has also made is to introduce a new section called "Videos" which is available to members. Apart from a few other videos of interest to Vance researchers from around the web, the VFA has recently started a "VFA Short Takes" series of short episodes about various topics. There are 4-5 videos already posted in this "Short Takes" series and the VFA is planning to add more in the coming months.