Sunday, November 25, 2012

How good is your Vance History?

Ok, this is a personal challenge I am throwing out as a contest to all readers in honor of the launch of the Vance History Online blog.   This is not a VFA initiative. 

The challenge is quite simple:  be the first to identify the two men (in order) and the castle on the blog header, and I will cover a one-year membership for you (or any one person of your choice) to the Vance Family Association. 

To win, you have to be the first to post the correct three answers in order as a comment here to this blog post.  No, I will not give hints, partial credit or even acknowledge partial answers. 

This is NOT easy, and you won't find the answer through random image searches with your favorite search engine.  This contest may well sit for a year without being won (or I may be surprised and one of you could win it tomorrow!).  However, in the spirit of ensuring a level playing field, officers of the VFA and Jamie Vans are excluded from participating in the contest. 

Good luck!

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