Friday, November 2, 2012

The First Post - Welcome

Welcome to the Vance Family Association (VFA)'s new Vance History Online site.  You can read more about the VFA and the purpose of this site on the Welcome page under Useful Information on the right-hand side of this page.

My name is Dave Vance, and I've been a Vance researcher for over 30 years.  My own line of American Vances is Irish in origin (from the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal) and I am in Group 2a of the Vance/Vans/Wentz y-DNA Project.  If you don't know what that means and want to know more, feel free to explore this site and its links or post a comment! 

The posts on this blog will be about various topics of interest to Vance researchers.  We will try to keep these short (you may notice for some - like me - that's a constant struggle).  Longer topics of interest will show up under Useful Information on the right, but if you see something missing or want to know more, don't just "lurk" on this site; write a comment or drop me or another author an email.  You can reach me any time at

Do you have questions about your own Vance family history?  The Message Boards listed under Useful Links are good places to post your question where it can be seen by many Vance researchers.  Or feel free to post a comment here and I will be happy to try and help, or other readers are welcome to comment also.   You can also check the Vance-related websites under Useful Links on the right-hand side of this page - any of them could have the answers you're looking for. 

If you have a family pedigree you'd like to share or an article you've written on some aspect of Vance family history, and you're a member of the Vance Family Association, please share those with the VFA for publication in our newsletter.  You can find more information about the resources of the VFA on our website.

Are those enough suggestions for the first post?  You've now read all the information linked from this site and still don't know where to go next?  Hmm.  Post a comment!



  1. Congratulations on rolling this out. It is certainly timely to have a blog on our Vance family and other new, useful information. I look forward to visiting often.

    Terry Hardgrave

  2. Nice work, Dave! I hope this blog will help to keep the Vance genealogy debate going and perhaps involve some of the younger generations who haven't realised what an interesting subject it can be.

    And I'd like to make a plea for all you Vances to check on my site and, if I haven't recorded your ancestors, or if you can add or correct my data, please get in touch with me.

    Best wishes to all the family.
    Jamie Vans.

  3. Dave,
    So sorry that I am just now getting around to viewing all of your hard work! So exciting!!! Have already added it to the Vance Shutterfly site and will send out a little blurb soon!
    I really think we should all "meet up" at the next Association Meeting. Do you know when and where it will be?
    Kim Emery