Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hannah Vance Crawford School

In the February 2009 Vance Family Association Newsletter I wrote an article "A School to Honor Hannah Vance". The school is part of the Colonel Crawford Local School District in North Robinson, Ohio.

When I wrote the article I had some pictures of the school that I was not able to use due to space considerations. Here they are:

The top picture is the Hannah Vance Elementary school. The bottom shows the center with the William Crawford Intermediate School on the left, and the Hannah Crawford Elementary School on the right.

The district's website gives the following description of the district:

"The Colonel Crawford Local Schools is a district housing 960 students grade pre-k-12. The district, covering 120 square miles is located in rural Crawford County about one hour north of Columbus, Ohio and 30 minutes west of Mansfield, Ohio. Colonel Crawford is a result of the consolidation of the Leesville, North Robinson, Sulphur Springs and Whetstone Schools.

The facility is located just south of the village of North Robinson. Pre-k-8 building The William and Hannah Crawford Schools was opened in 2006 and is located just south east of the 9-12 Colonel Crawford High School opened in 1960.

The Colonel Crawford Local Schools has a strong tradition of academic and athletic programs. Colonel Crawford is a proud member of the North Central Athletic Conference and the Ohio High School Athletic Association."

I took the pictures the day I visited the the then district superintendent, Ted Bruner, at the school district. He gave me a tour and showed me one of the schools that was replaced by the one built in 2006. Colonel Crawford was captured where the front yard of that school stands. As a descendant of Colonel Crawford, I found that particularly interesting. The district stands in the area where Colonel Crawford fought his last battle and died.


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  2. Bill, I just found an announcement about your blog on GeneaBloggers this morning. While I have no Vances in my family lines (that I'm aware of, so far!), I was interested to see how you are coordinating your web presence with both the website and the blog.

    Best wishes as you continue your work on behalf of the extended Vance family!

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  5. I am a Vance and searching my history. Also, Duncans on same side. I came across Hanna's name because her husband, Col Crawford, performed wedding ceremony for her relatve (Vance) to his new bride. Not sure if those Vances were cousins or siblings. Wedding was noted at or near Ft Pitt. The search continues. Donna Vance of Illinois

    1. He was married to Hannah Vance. Nancy Vance states in her application for her widow's pension dated 9/7/1838 that Colonel Crawford married her and John Vance. John was Hannah's brother Alexander's son and they were married October 1773. I don't know Nancy's maiden name but it was NOT Bradley. Nancy Bradley was married to Joseph Vance. Nancy and John had 4 sons and two daughters. I descend from their son Robert whose son was Wilson, whose son was William, my great grandfather. Go to the internet and type in American revolution war pension for John Vance and it should pull up his and Nancy's application for widow's pension.

  6. Donna, thanks for the comment. You might try to look up your Vances in Jamie Vans's database online (available under Useful Links above); he's done a great job of indexing the research on thousands of known Vances. Or write to the Vance Family Association obviously, or post on the Vance message boards, or let me know what you're still pursuing. The story of Col. Crawford and Hannah Vance is well-documented but you're right there were other Vances in the area and not all of the connections are known.


  7. Alas, thru much research, I am now a member of DAR with John Vance as my soldier as of Aug 2014. It took a year and a trip to my home state of Illinois, to get final proof from University Library. DAR genealogist helped and a year later, about 100 page application was sent to Washington. No to sort out John' s link backward up his tree. And yes, Nancy had no last name listed on record and she was buried in Virginia, not Illinois. Our Vance line did not travel to Illinois till after she died.